Illuminated Waterlilies

Illuminated Waterlilies, Hermann Park, Houston.


This project was funded through Kickstarter, with the amazing support of: 

Phillip W. Winston, Isla and Tommy Reckling, Laura and Tom Bacon, Jim Brown and Buffalo Hardware, Muffett Blake and Bob Murray, Meg and Mike Bonini, Julie Brook Alexander, Jennifer Tuttle Arnold, Karen Kelsey Duddlesten, Ford, Ava, and Graham Johnson, James E. Maloney, Fabené Welch, Jan Cato, Judy Nyquist, Wendy and Mavis Kelsey Jr., Susie and Sanford Criner, Weezie Sharman Johnston, Bob Bacon, Julie Baker, Walter M. Bering, Susan Burkhart, Audra Clark, Flo Crady, Sara and Rob Cromie, Darcy Eaves, Martha Finger, Barbara Friedman, Cullen Geiselman, Kathy Gondo, Mary Clark and Jimmy Gorab, Colleen Keegan, Geoffrey and Barbara Koslov, Jennifer Laporte, Bryn Larsen, Joan Morgenstern, Marisa Reuter, Bob Richter, Pamela Smith, Melanie Steel, Katherine Valdez, Louis Vest, Camille Warmington, Rick Wester, Anne Whitlock, Delby and BJ Willingham, E Winston and Sam Jones, Nora and Chuck Zabriskie, Ray Belsley, Amy Blakemore, Shelley Calton, Carole deBeer, Ellen Donnelly, Sharon and Joe Ellis, Victoria and Marshal Lightman, Nina Masterson, Ginger Reeder, Rebecca Rossman, Kim Stoilis, Mary Bacon, Sandra Bernhard, DeSha Carter, Kim Coffman, Eddie Daggett, Denis Papp, Gemma deSantos, Bevin Bering Dubrowski, Green Street NYC, Maria Jadick, Steve Kinney, Susanna Kise, Sara Duck Laudermilk, Charles Neuhaus, Christine Newman, Kenneth Olah, Christopher Olivier, George Pickle, Peter Pulumbarit, Joseph Roberts, Marlo Saucedo, Erin Siudzinski, Carlton Solle, Andrew Stevens, Stina, Cory Willingham van der Does, Artistic Life, Nicky Hunt, Newage33, Hanne Rodriguez, Jim Thompson, Rachel Vacek, Jeremy Vaughn, and Nicholas Vyse.




A super special thanks to Audra Clark, Jim Brown of Buffalo Hardware for all his help, to Rick Dewees of Hermann Park, and to Matthew Lennon of the Houston Arts Alliance

AND to the amazing team who built, and installed the lilies:


Jessi Bowman, Anna Livingston, Julie Churchman, Joseph Roberts, Jonathan Beitler, Christopher Olivier, Flo Meehleder, Mamie Meehleder, Sandi Cohan, Brandon Dimit, David Brown, Rebecca Rossman Harris, Ford Gunter, Mariquita Masterson, Stewart and Wylie Masterson, Nina Masterson, Kelly, Wylie jr., Laura and George Masterson II, Harry Masterson, Kay, Garrett and Cochran Masterson, Catherine and George Masterson, Jackson, Blake and Miles Masterson, Estelle Lozmack, Max Lozmack, and András Kovacs.


Thank you all so much, you made it happen!!!

<p>Installation Shot, Illuminated Waterlilies.</p>
<p>Installation View,</p>
<p>Installation View, daytime.</p>
<p>Installing the Piece.</p>


Video by Ford Gunter with Music by Hunter Perrin.